Large Installations

Previously I focused on being a ‘production studio glass blower’; yet after my experience working as a Glass Artist within an architectural design company where I designed, coordinated and managed projects, my focus shifted to a strong desire to work on ‘large art glass installation commissions’ with a larger team of artists, makers and manufacturers.  Working collaboratively with designers, architects, interior designers, contractors and glass makers I have since designed, developed and created larger installations with a focus on art glass.

Since 2008 and the foundation of Art Glass Solutions Pte Ltd, I have worked hard to establish a reputation within Singapore and secure a client base that are enthusiastic about art, interested to work with my aesthetic as I continue to challenge the traditional notions of glass art.

Artists work alone in their studio with a focus on their own practice.  Which is what I did for many years, however, since my move to Singapore I have learnt that artists can step outside of the studio and work with larger teams, contributing perspectives and offering innovations linked to both their understanding of idea development as well as making knowledge and experience.

As a glassmaker I provide knowledge about technique and skill, as well as provide ideas, develop creative concepts and ‘break the rules’ to present new and innovative approaches to creative practice.

Creative ideas emerge through the collaboration between artist, interior designer and client, which are further developed during the collaborative creative process of making with others when working on larger artworks.

Finding the right artwork to install is like peeling back layers of information, attitudes and perspectives to find the concept and aesthetic that fits the space, budget and feasibility.  Further the different manufacturing processes undertaken by different artists, makers and manufacturers provide further variation within the process as the collaboration continues.  Using a mixture of traditional and modern image creation and glass making processes, we can create installations that were previously not possible or feasible to produce.

This process is then a palimpsest of ideas, techniques, new technology and traditional skills which combine to create installations that as the artist I steer into view and make real.

The large art glass installations I have achieved to make real from 2008 till 2015 are seen here.

Selected Large Installations

2014 Artist Consultant, with Million Lighting, Forest of Lights Ballroom Installation, South Beach Hotel (Stark Design), Singapore The Boutiq, Entrance Pond Artworks at Condominium, Singapore
2013 Public Artwork, Ocean Financial Centre Public Walkway, Republic Place, Singapore ‘Coral Harmony’ Artist Consultant, Dolphin Lobby Central Artwork, Hengqin Resort Hotel, Zhuhai, China “Bouquet Artworks” Glass Artist and Production Coordination, Bouquet Artworks, Enchanted Gardens at Terminal 2, Changi Airport, Singapore
2012 Artist Consultant, Conrad Hotel Lobby Entrance, Architectural Artworks, Beijing, China
2010 Mapletree Business Park, Artwork located on Level 1 pond area, Tower 1, Singapore Republic Plaza, Wall Features for Lobby Areas, Singapore
2009 InterContinental Foshan, Architectural Artworks within the Lobby Entrance and All Day Dining Areas, Foshan, China
2008 Harbour Front Office Building, Blown and Hot Sculptured Reflective Pond Artwork, Singapore