Small Installations

pic6Since I was young I knew I wanted to be an artist, making objects that had intent, meaning and beauty.Initially my practice focused on painting and ceramic as taught in High School.  In college I began to put objects, objects I had made and found objects, to create installations.  These installations were collectives, combined together in exhibitions as installations, such as “Caged Conversations” 1983 and “Thorns and Feelings”1984.   I focused on the space, the lighting and arrangement of objects installed in the space so as to create an experience rather than “a series of objects displayed on plinths”.

saw glass blowing for the first time in Europe in the mid 1980s and immediately fell in love with the process, the grace and form of the glassmakers’ dance as the glass is moved, blown and guided into shape.  Spending the next 15 years focused on learning the skills required to make hot glass, my ideas continued to .  “Inflorescence” 1995 Although During In 2004 when i was employed as a 3 I moved to Singapore and got a job as a Glass Artist at Synergraphic Design, an architectural glass and design company.  During the 4 years as an employee I built and operated a hot glass studio, hired and managed staff while designing, developing and making larger objects and glass installations.

My desire to work on a larger scale had expanded.  I was keen to work with others – clients, interior designers, architects to resolve technical issues, develop the appropriate aesthetic for a space and create larger commissioned artwork projects permanently installed in site specific architectural spaces.  This was certainly a shift away from the scale of objects I had previously made for exhibitions located on white boxes temporarily in white cube gallery spaces.

A selection of the smaller commissioned project artworks are featured here.

Selected Small Installations

2013 Amber Bowls, cast glass bowls weighing 100kg each, Hotel Project, TaiwanOrchid Doors Art Glass Installation, private residence, Singapore
2010 One Central, Free Standing Sculptures and Wall Features in Restaurant area, Macau
2009 InterContinental Foshan, Architectural Artworks within the Lobby Entrance and All Day Dining Areas, Foshan, China
2008 Barclays Bank Offices, Hot Cast Glass Sculpture, Samsung Hub, Singapore