About_TeachingB. Jane Cowie is committed to her teaching practice and continues to teach in  various institutions and private  educational facilities around the world.  Creative teaching with a responsive approach and hands-on exercises, means the courses  are interactive with the focus on experiencing process and development of tacit knowledge.  This is the core of her teaching methodology.

Jane has taught teenagers drawing in the USA, trained glassmaking assistants in her own studios in Singapore and Australia,  lectured in Universities in Europe, Australia and Singapore and continues to teach focused kiln forming and lamp working workshops regularly  in private studios and educational institutions  in Australia, Japan, USA, Germany, Turkey, Holland and most recently Aruba in the Caribbean.

When teaching hot glass making she focuses on how to move your body, your posture in response to the hot glass and team working with others to achieve more as a group than what can be achieved alone.  The fundamental tools used to shape the glass being heat, gravity and centrifugal  force.

Cowie’s workshops are always an intensive time of learning as students become  familiar with the space; learn how to work in larger groups and begin to realise how the glass moves and  how they can move with the glass.  Team working is not always easy, working together in a co-operative environment can certainly be fulfilling as well as frustrating.  Nonetheless, team working is about finding your strong points, supporting others and working together to achieve a common goal. Together students share the weight, are protected from the heat and have the ability to make more intricate pieces with the assistance of others and effectively the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Selected Workshops