B. Jane Cowie

About the Artist

B. Jane Cowie has been working with glass for over 25 years.  Gaining a degree in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts (1980-1983), her commitment to art making, desire to learn and passion for glass inspired her to travel extensively.  She worked in numerous glass making studio and factories in Australia, England, Europe, USA, Japan, Singapore, India and China to develop making skills, increase her knowledge and gain an intimate understanding of glassmaking technique, expertise and installation applications.

Playing an important role in the development  of contemporary craft in South Australia, Jane has been a Board Member of the JamFactory Craft & Design Centre (1995-2001), CraftSouth, [now Guildhouse] (1993-2001) and Ausglass: the Australia Association of Glass Artists (1993-2002).  She held a variety of appointed positions on these Boards, including President of Ausglass (1999-2001), coordinating the first Ausglass Conference in Perth, Western Australia 2001.

Jane has curated a number of selected exhibitions, trained numerous assistants and been an educator in a variety of glass studios, educational institutions and private studios around the world.  In 1992 she build and operated the Spinifex Studio in the Adelaide Hills 1992, was a founding member of blue pony studio, Adelaide 1997 and launched the East Coast Glass Studio in Singapore, 2003.

In the late 1990’s Jane undertook Masters Research at the University of South Australia, investigating the development of studio glass.  Awarded a Masters Degree by Research in 2003, her written and exhibited works were titled A Glassmakers Perspective: History and Practice of Studio Glassmaking in South Australia 1970 till 2000.  The thesis involved the re-making of iconic glass artworks to gain an experiential understanding of the object.  This meant new insights regarding the reading of an object were gathered via making processes and tacit knowledge to be incorporated in an ethnographic methodology, to offer a glassmakers perspective.

Traveling extensively in England and Europe in her 20’s, Jane was keen to learn more about the neighboring countries closer to her Australian home.  Deciding to move to Singapore to in 2003 to take the position as Glass Lecturer at the Lasalle SIA College of the Arts, Jane remained keen on developing her practice as an artist, soon finding a new position as Glass Artist & Designer at an Architectural Glass Company in Singapore.  She worked with this company for 4 years, establishing a Hot Glass Studio in Singapore while developing a new interest in large scale architectural art glass installations.

In 2008 Jane went on to co-found Art Glass Solutions Pte Ltd and has since been Creative Director of numerous large scale art glass installations in China, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia.  Working with a variety of materials she works with a number of large scale fabrication facilities in China, Singapore and Australia to create her artworks.  Developing concepts, refining budgets and working with project construction teams, she continues to develop wall artworks, unique lighting features and stand-alone objects for prestigious hotel lobbies, commercial spaces, public places and private homes within the South East Asian region.

Jane has been contributing to the built environment of Singapore for over 10 years, installing art glass in numerous open air public situations.  Designing, making and installing artworks and large scale glass installations which are purpose built for private and commercial spaces means she now works with larger teams of project managers, makers and installers.  More recently Jane has returned to a more personal exhibition practice through a series of Research Methodology Workshops and exhibitions in Mittagong, Perth and Canberra. 

This return to studio based practice and exhibiting in Australian has facilitated the opportunity to co-found a new e-commerce business that aims to assist, promote and purchase the works of Australian artists.  ART|Glass Canberra offers new online opportunities for Australian artists to exhibit and promote their works, assisting the development of their practice and to make and create artworks for a wider audience.  We hope to source for larger project based installations that will further assist promote and develop the talent and creativity of Australian Artists.

It is clear that B. Jane Cowie’s passion for glass, art making and large scale projects continues.

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