Rooms for Living

Artist Statement

Rooms of Living


My notion of home and the nostalgic memories of growing up on the ground in Australia are carried with me as I travel through life, seeing the lives of others in a variety of living situations.  My idea of home is linked not only with the house brick that constructs the walls of my home, but also with the location of my suitcase as the demarcation of a room for living. 


When I arrived in Singapore I found that many, living in a high-rise apartments, was not necessarily an appealing place to live.  Living in the air seemed to represent a further dislocation from a lifestyle as I was already ‘displaced’ in an unfamiliar culture and country.  Yet curious to understand more, I decided to develop a new body of work from concrete and reinforcing steel juxtaposed with the fragility and ephemeral qualities of glass figurines.  This work is representative of a fascination with living high above the ground, a lifestyle that is floating, almost flying in the air.


In Singapore, I was lucky to find a close connection with the ground.  Renting a ‘landed property’, a house in which to make my home, has been a great opportunity for me to establish a place to live and work.  Yet I understand and realise that each must find their own room for living and for most in Singapore living in the air is the preferred option.  Singapore is a country that is constantly developing and changing, so necessarily it is not a place that remains as a constant but rather it is the family and friends -the people - that provides a sense of home and stability in Asia. 


B. Jane Cowie